Photo by Eti Bonn-Muller

Conceptio Unlimited Publications, Hong Kong

“Eti has worked with us and artists from across the globe on a number of printed and digital publications since 2010. Her feedback has always been sharp, on point, and incredibly helpful. It’s been our absolute pleasure to work with her and will certainly be calling upon her again for future projects.”

May 2014

Fanny Lakoubay, Director of Content, SEO & SEM
Fine & Decorative Art Appraiser

“I first hired Eti to help us set up the artnet company style guide based on the Chicago Manual of Style and art writing standards. Eti’s great experience in writing for art institutions and knowledge of all major style guides made our choice easy. And the result was great: three years later, artnet still has the same manual of style that keeps growing.

Eti also helped artnet on many other projects, such as writing online marketing descriptions for the new, redesigned site and art category descriptions for landing pages on art styles. Eti’s work ethics and writing are outstanding. And I would recommend her for marketing and expert copy to anybody.”

May 2014

Missy McHugh, Chief Advisor to the President
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

“Eti is an experienced and talented writer and editor who takes her responsibilities to the client seriously. She is highly professional and produces polished work, on time. She is a quick-study and does not require attention from the client to perform well.”

February 2009

Suzanne Nicholas, Associate Director of Education
International Center of Photography

“Eti was initially hired through our Publications Department to manage the editing and writing of our quarterly program brochures and full-time catalogues. Both projects required someone who was adequately skilled, and could execute and deliver in a fast-paced environment, all of which Eti eloquently facilitated and produced. I was most impressed with her attention to detail, precise ability to improvise, and quick comprehension of the overall project. With both quarterly brochures and catalogues, Eti’s editorial responsibilities were numerous and required copious rewrites of course and program descriptions, faculty letters, artist bios, and revamping of schedules and dates. Each project was enormously dense in scope and Eti always produced flawless, edited copy in record time. I have worked with a variety of people on many projects throughout my twenty years at ICP, but Eti is by far the sharpest, kindest, most considerate, and reliable person that I have worked with. Her experience, expertise, and good nature would certainly make her an ideal addition to any organization or department. It has been an honor to include her services in a range of projects over the years.”

February 2009

Fabio Rossi
Rossi & Rossi

“We have been working closely with Eti for a few years and have found her always extremely professional and punctual in the delivery of her edits. Our catalogues have definitely benefitted greatly from her input and we would highly recommend her services to anyone.”

June 2014

Michael Bragale, Business Capture Manager and Panama Canal SME
Engility Corporation

“Eti was simply brilliant in helping me to develop an impactful cover letter and résumé that presented my qualifications in a concise manner without sacrificing the breadth and stature of my experience. In addition to being a pleasure to work with, Eti’s genuine interest in and attention to my employment goals always made me feel that I was the most important client she had. Eti is a consummate professional in every sense.”

May 2016

Michael Klein-Ureña, Vice President of Business Development
SanSail Group

“We’ve worked with Eti on a variety of projects, including website copy, social media, promotional items, and marketing materials. Eti’s creativity, professionalism, and attention to detail have played a crucial role in expanding our industry presence and delivering an effective, consistent marketing message to our target clients.

In addition to all of these things, Eti is extremely flexible to our needs and schedule, and she is an absolute pleasure to work with.”

June 2014

Willow Weilan Hai, Director
China Institute Gallery

“I first met Eti in 2007 when she visited China Institute Gallery in New York to cover the exhibition Buddhist Sculpture from China: Selections from the Xi’an Beilin Museum, Fifth through Ninth Centuries for Archaeology magazine. We shared a common background in archaeology and interest in Chinese art and culture, and quickly became good friends. In 2011, we traveled together to China to explore the country’s Liangzhu-period sites and treasures.

Well versed in a wide range of academic subjects, Eti is professional, detail oriented, and passionate about her work. She is a talented writer and editor, and handles complex materials with ease. Eti is a pleasure to collaborate with and her expertise in the fields of art and archaeology is invaluable for any scholarly publishing project.”




Michael L. DeFeo, Vice President, Services and Solutions
Breakaway Technologies, Inc.

“We hired Eti in 2007 to revamp Breakaway’s marketing materials, including client success stories and corporate sell sheets, for use in our press kits and distribution at trade shows throughout the country. She provided us with a fresh, clean look and feel, which we were very happy with, and generated—and flawlessly edited—our copy, which was essential in strengthening our message and improving our branding. She is fantastic to work with, always taking the time to understand our company’s needs and offering creative solutions for how to take our materials to the next level. I highly recommend Eti as a writer, editor, and communications consultant for any marketing initiative.”

September 2010

Howard S. Yang, General Manager
CIeNET Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

“Along with being a good friend of mine, whom I have known for many years, Eti has been invaluable to me with her professional skills as both a writer and an editor. I have written a book entitled The Charm of Liangzhu Pottery, which contains detailed descriptions of 230 objects from my private collections. Having no background in writing myself, it was essential for me to employ an editor who would help to polish my work. Eti provided useful comments and corrections to enhance the overall flow and the organization and structure of the book. In addition, Eti’s knowledge and expertise in the domain of archaeology aided in improving the accuracy of the content. Eti is a pleasure to work with, extremely precise and detail oriented, and shows great care in her process. I highly recommend her.”

May 2014

Matt Morgan, Website General Manager
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

“Eti has been freelancing for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s website since 2006. In that time, we’ve come to depend on her for all the important skills and qualities necessary for top-notch web content production—savvy and tireless editing, spotless proofing, engaging writing, and on-time delivery even of complicated, multi-threaded projects. More than that, she has a keen sense of content development and a steady but sensitive hand with our experts—the curators who form the core of our operation—that helps bring out the best in us. I highly recommend Eti for any new media production work.”

September 2009

Mark J. Rose, Online Editorial Director
Archaeological Institute of America

“I have worked closely with Eti both on Archaeology, print and web, and the website of the Archaeological Institute of America. She has a rare combination of academic skills and training in the field along with fine abilities in all aspects of the editorial process, from identifying compelling stories, to interviewing and working with scholars, to writing clearly and engagingly, to copyediting exactingly. Her efforts resulted in a number of cover stories and in-depth, and highly popular, web features. In addition to her abilities as an author and editor, she successfully directed the complete redesign of the AIA website, coordinating the efforts and views of many different individuals and departments. She is pleasant to work with and highly motivated. I can recommend her in any editorial capacity, from writing to overseeing major projects.”

May 2010

Geoff Emberling, Director
Oriental Institute Museum, University of Chicago

“Eti’s a great collaborator and editor! She’s creative, energetic, and productive as a colleague, and as an editor sees both the details and the big picture.”

September 2009

Christopher Steighner, Senior Editor
Rizzoli Publications

“Eti has an eagle eye for detail in manuscripts and is an excellent copy editor, with special knowledge in the art field.”

January 2011

Denise Canniff, Senior Manager for Online Strategy and Marketing
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

“Eti’s creative writing and editorial skills are exceptional and her copyediting, fact-checking, and proofreading work is invaluable to the Metropolitan Museum. Eti and I have also collaborated on a number of marketing initiatives that she project-managed. She has provided attention to detail, professionalism, and passion for art and design to all the work she has undertaken. Eti is truly a pleasure to work with and someone I highly recommend.”

January 2009

Cassia Farkas Ward, Executive Editor
Sterling Publishing

“Eti is a meticulous editor who makes it her business to fully grasp whatever subject I’ve handed her. She’s wonderful to work with and always on time and on budget.”

January 2009

Susan Chun, Cultural Heritage Consultant

“I worked closely with Eti at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as she developed content, processes, workflows, standards, and documentation for the site . . .

I admired her dedication to the museum and its mission; her respect for authors and their ideas, research, and words; and her uncanny ability to pull off the most complicated of projects under deadline pressure and facing conflicting departmental needs and priorities. She was a superb collaborator who pushed her colleagues to take risks and do more. I recommend her highly as a colleague, project manager, and editor.”

January 2009

Taylor Newby, Online Community Manager

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

“Eti worked with me to craft social media copy for The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Eti provided copy for a number of campaigns, including the Museum’s 82nd & Fifth web series, the Director’s Tour audio guide, and artworks that related to sporting events during the London Summer Olympics.

Her copy was always wonderful and timely. It was a pleasure working with Eti and I would highly recommend her.”

June 2014

Anagnostis Agelarakis, Professor of Anthropology
Adelphi University

“I wish to give my highest recommendation for Ms. Eti Bonn-Muller with whom I have collaborated on a number of editorial projects. As a colleague working and writing for the interdisciplinary domains of Archaeological Sciences, at a global scale, she is an excellent paradigm of professionalism in matters of evaluating and following research process and protocol from the academic forum to the field and the lab, showing sensitivity in very sophisticated ways and respect for decorum under varied socio-cultural contexts and dynamics—experienced and perceptive as she is of the folds of complexity which may pertain with any archaeo-anthropological project around the world. Her aptitude for in-depth research, yet not lacking in a holistic approach, on the matter at hand; willingness to carefully listen to the points of views and concerns of her colleagues and team members in the evaluation of scientific data, deductive assessments, and, where relative, of subjective interpretations; and her powerful ability for cordial dialects makes her unique in organizing, managing, and completing the project as she evaluates, assesses, and writes in prolific ways with considerable stamina before sharing, where pertinent, any results. Add to that that she is an abstract thinker with a wonderfully pleasant, ethical, and trustworthy character, a great sense of humor, and overall very talented in people skills. Ms. Bonn-Muller is a great team member yet does not lack in leadership, full of positive energy she engages her colleagues in an energetic way and does not lose focus on the project goals and objectives at hand; most importantly she delivers with excellence before deadlines. I recommend Ms. Bonn-Muller in the highest possible ways with great pleasure and with no reservations.”

May 2010

Stephen Wright, President
SanSail Group

“Eti is careful, thorough, and consistent; her work is up to any professional standard of writing and publishing. She is good at making technical material understandable and at distilling concepts for executive summaries and project descriptions. We plan to continue to use her for all our publications and materials.”

June 2014

Christina Watson, Email Marketing Manager
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

“Eti has been a tremendous asset to the Museum. She is an exceptionally talented writer and editor, and a joy to work with. Her keen eye for catching errors and talent in polishing copy has ensured the Met is sending out high-quality content. She is meticulous, reliable, and an excellent collaborator. I highly recommend Eti!”

July 2014