Photo by Eti Bonn-Muller


As you begin to develop your web and print materials, we edit them to establish the overall quality of the content and flow of the text. Upon request, we can also create in-house editorial style guides and publication-specific style sheets. Once your materials are complete, we copyedit, proofread, and fact-check them to ensure accuracy, consistency, and grammatical correctness, and to eliminate typos, typographical errors, and incorrect or broken links. We work in both American and British English.


Need help getting your point across? We generate original web and print copy for a wide variety of audiences, from art lovers to technology gurus to marine engineers. Depending on your needs, we can work directly with you, in close collaboration with your content stakeholders, or independently to determine the best way to convey your idea.


When your business needs a boost, we can evaluate your existing web and print marketing materials—identifying ways to improve content, layout, and design—and oversee the creation of new ones. We also develop website content strategy, information architecture, e-communications, and social media campaigns.

Project Management

Deadline driven and detail oriented, we manage a wide range of web and print publishing projects. In advance of your next client presentation, trade show, or event, we can also review your materials and coordinate their design, printing, and delivery.

Résumé, Bio, and Cover Letter Evaluation

Landing your dream job requires polished materials—résumé, bio, and cover letter—that accurately reflect your experience, skills, and individuality. Wherever your field of expertise lies, we can help to perfect your application, including your online presence on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn.