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Editing and Writing

Global Editorial Services edits your materials to establish the overall quality of the content and flow of the text; creates in-house editorial style guides and publication-specific style sheets; copyedits, proofreads, and fact-checks materials to ensure accuracy, consistency, and grammatical correctness; and eliminates typos, typographical errors, and incorrect or broken links. Writing services range from marketing and communications materials to creative projects.

American and British English friendly

Consulting and Project Management

Global Editorial Services evaluates your existing web and print materials; identifies ways to improve content, layout, and design; and oversees the creation of new pieces. It also manages a wide range of publishing projects, from coordinating materials for your next trade show to guiding the redesign of your website.

Private Writing Lessons

Global Editorial Services offers one-on-one remote tutoring with lessons tailored to your needs and interests (or those of your child).

Résumé, Bio, and Cover Letter Evaluation

Global Editorial Services can polish your résumé, bio, and cover letter, as well as your online presence on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn.

Academic Papers

Global Editorial Services provides a fresh set of eyes on your critical text and gets it into publication-worthy shape.