Photo by Eti Bonn-Muller

Anagnostis Agelarakis, Professor of Anthropology
Adelphi University

“I wish to give my highest recommendation for Ms. Eti Bonn-Muller with whom I have collaborated on a number of editorial projects. As a colleague working and writing for the interdisciplinary domains of Archaeological Sciences, at a global scale, she is an excellent paradigm of professionalism in matters of evaluating and following research process and protocol from the academic forum to the field and the lab, showing sensitivity in very sophisticated ways and respect for decorum under varied socio-cultural contexts and dynamics—experienced and perceptive as she is of the folds of complexity which may pertain with any archaeo-anthropological project around the world. Her aptitude for in-depth research, yet not lacking in a holistic approach, on the matter at hand; willingness to carefully listen to the points of views and concerns of her colleagues and team members in the evaluation of scientific data, deductive assessments, and, where relative, of subjective interpretations; and her powerful ability for cordial dialects makes her unique in organizing, managing, and completing the project as she evaluates, assesses, and writes in prolific ways with considerable stamina before sharing, where pertinent, any results. Add to that that she is an abstract thinker with a wonderfully pleasant, ethical, and trustworthy character, a great sense of humor, and overall very talented in people skills. Ms. Bonn-Muller is a great team member yet does not lack in leadership, full of positive energy she engages her colleagues in an energetic way and does not lose focus on the project goals and objectives at hand; most importantly she delivers with excellence before deadlines. I recommend Ms. Bonn-Muller in the highest possible ways with great pleasure and with no reservations.”

May 2010