Photo by Eti Bonn-Muller


  • China’s Sleeping Beauty: A landmark exhibition awakens the legacy of a Western Han Dynasty noblewoman, interactive feature (April 2009)
  • Digging Up China’s Best Exhibitions: Willow Weilan Hai Chang recalls her fondest memories excavating along the Yangtze River—and how they inspire her work at New York City’s China Institute Gallery, interview (February 2009)
  • Beijing Street Scenes, photo essay (August 2008)
  • Perspectives from Beijing, interview series (August 2008)
  • Buddha’s “Golden Period”: An exhibition of Chinese sculpture sheds light on an overlooked history, exhibition review (October 2007)


  • To Bury a Pharaoh: Met curator Dorothea Arnold takes a fresh look at the leftover materials from Tutankhamun’s mummification, interview (May 2010)
  • Priestess of Amun: An in-depth examination of Meresamun, an ancient Egyptian, and her world, interactive feature (February 2009)


  • Tales from a Hilltop Castle: Freiherr Jürgen von Dörnberg shares centuries-old family stories passed down through the generations, interview (October 2008)

Greece and Rome

  • The Joy of Cretan Cooking, interview (November 2010)
  • Dynasty of Priestesses: A powerful female bloodline emerges from the Iron Age necropolis of Orthi Petra at Eleutherna on Crete, interactive feature (March 2010) and videos; story picked up by Fox News and USA Today
  • Voyage to Crete: An online exploration of the island’s rich and varied archaeological and historical sites, travel blog (Summer 2009)
  • Rome WAS Built in a Day! Using leftover pizza boxes and trash from the streets of New York, artist Liz Glynn constructs and sacks the ancient city, interview (May 2009)

Middle East

  • Inside the Israel Antiquities Authority: 48 Hours with the Jerusalem Division, interview series (August 2010)
  • Playing in the Sand: Martha Sharp Joukowsky discusses an adventurous and accomplished archaeological career, interview (May 2010)
  • Picturing the Holy Land, travel blog (Summer 2009)
  • The Art of Foreign Influence: An exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum illuminates how interconnected the great powers of the ancient Near East and eastern Mediterranean world were, exhibition review (January 2009)
  • Insight into the Soul: An inscribed stele from Zincirli, Turkey, illuminates Iron Age beliefs about the afterlife, feature story (November 2008)

And Beyond

  • Archaeology as Modern Art? An exhibition at the Guggenheim reveals how archaeological sites, sacred temples, and ancient art served as sources of inspiration for 20th-century sculptor Isamu Noguchi, exhibition review (March 2009)
  • Prison Break at Johnson’s Island, interview (October 2008) and videos

Videos: Archaeological Site Tours